30 Day Slay

30 Days of Healthy living from the inside out


  • Tired of trying endless diets that are unsustainable

  • Paying for complicated meal plans that you keep falling off

  • Using poor tasting/chemical laden supplements that upset your digestive system

  • Chronically tired or fatigued

  • Having problem skin issues

  • Having problems sleeping

  • Dealing with brain fog and trouble concentrating…

    Have you been feeling this way? Than the 30 day slay may be for you!


  • 9 vegan, gluten free, soy free great tasting products to assist in detoxing the body

  • Sample meal plans & guidelines

  • Recipes and shopping lists

  • COMPLIMENTARY 1 on 1 60 min Coaching Call with Stefanie (reg. $111)

  • COMPLIMENTARY #GetFierce at home workout program ( reg. $97)

  • An amazing and supportive online group of past and present challengers

  • Increased nutrient intake

  • Increased energy

  • Improved self confidence

    …but That’s not all! The best news EVER is that YOU CAN JUMP ON THIS PROGRAM TODAY FOR..

    40% off!

    SAY WHAAAT?! Yes girl, you can jump on today for $262.50 (reg. $500+) AND your package is fully customizable to accommodate your tastes and preferences.

    Message Stefanie to get started today… (and i’ll throw in free, next day shipping for you so you can get started right away!) <3

    (Please allow 12-24hrs for a response - we may live in different time zones! xo )

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