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Fierce Figures is a lifestyle brand, coaching service, academy and community built to encourage women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, social constructs and situations to conjure up their own inner power and step out into a life of gratifying potential seeking - working towards the bodies, bank accounts and lifestyles of their wildest dreams.

We encourage all women to tap into their inner BADD (Babe Achieving Dreams & Destiny) Girl and unleash that alluring, strong, motivated, spirit-driven, sexy and powerful side that you often feel like you should down play or ignore - to ultimately stand unapologetic in who you already are and who you are destined to become.

A term, focus and practice you will always see around these parts is something we like to call Radical Self Empowerment -  which can be applied to the various topics we focus on including:

  1. Education: We believe in offering alternative education for women on subjects like entrepreneurship, side hustles, fashion, branding, investing, holistic nutrition, fitness, various forms of self care, spirituality, dating, and sexual health.
  2. Activism: Giving women a voice through intersectional feminism and reclaiming/standing for feminine power. 
  3. Community: Creating a space that allows for personal responsibility while being supported by other women who are going through the same things or have been in your shoes. By contributing to the community, we can make space for personal growth, open up potential and step up to live and lead our most badass, powerful, purposeful and empowered lives. 



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