For Fierce Babes who want it all.

Encouraging radical self empowerment through mindset, money, movement & self mastery.

Stefanie Dawn, stands as transformation specialist that has dedicated her life to her own personal development as well as sharing her expertise and gifts by coaching hundreds of badass women just like you to stand in their power and conjure the lifestyle of their wildest dreams.

No stranger to entrepreneurship, Stefanie opened up her first business and storefront at age 19 and has since enjoyed continued success in the fitness, health and beauty industry as an owner, master stylist, educator, coach, competitor and life long student.  
15 years later, and no stranger to brand building, marketing, 6 figure incomes, law of attraction, and radical self care - she's taken everything she has learned and experienced and is ready to empower and change the lives of even more women from all over the world with Fierce Figures memberships, coaching services, workshops and courses.

Fierce Figures was birthed from what Stefanie saw as a gap in the women’s wellness market and she wanted to develop carefully curated programs, services, products and tools that would allow women to look and feel sexy in their best body, encourage developmental growth AND help to them make money!

There is NO shame in rocking both designer pumps and pyrite crystals ladies... You can be sexy and spiritual - conscious and wealthy - healthy and a hardcore hustler. Fierce Figures is here to break through the boundaries and expectations of what beauty, health, wellness and wealth SHOULD look like.
If you want a great visualization of what we are about then just imagine Beyonce as your Life Coach and Personal Stylist. Can you see it now? Are you motivated to put in work? Good. You’re in the right place.

Whether you chose to start with an a la cart service/course or go all in with one of our membership programs - you can feel confident that not only will you experience life altering growth and transformation but you will ALWAYS leave with a greater knowledge and understanding of self, a supportive community of like minded women to help keep you accountable while cheering you on and a coach who really does give a f*ck about your on-going success and accomplishments. 


Welcome to your new high vibe power tribe.
Now turn your magic all the way on & let's GO GET IT. 

Right now membership access to the VIP community is absolutely free and we love new faces in our BADD (Babe Achieving Dreams & Destiny) girls club - so request to join, drop your best selfie and some info about yourself so we can get to know you better.