Answering the call

We've gathered here today to change the world by changing our own lives by becoming the badass, powerful women we were born to be. 

At Fierce Figures, we focus primarily on personal development, mindset development & spiritual empowerment - giving you the tools, education & opportunity you need to be successful and well seasoned in ALL areas of your life including: Nutrition, Fitness, Finance, Self Employment/Self Sufficiency, Relationships, Personal Branding & Spirituality. 
CEO/Head Coach Stefanie Dawn, alongside her hand picked Fierce Figures team, use their own unique life skills and purposes to bring you the BEST content and knowledge available  to allow you to experience radical self empowerment and beautiful, impactful life changes . 

Fierce Figures is for the women who feel like they have a powerful purpose in the world that they NEED to live but are not sure HOW to do it.
Together, we dig deep and discover that wild, badass woman yearning to be set free. We nourish that woman. We ARE that woman. 

Together our tribe and our vibe is stronger. Are you ready to answer the call of your destiny? 


We are a members only club. 

This means in order to access our FULL course catalogue, services and products you MUST become a member, Although most people get to enjoy our amazing free content, YOU get to level up and get exclusive with us. We have 3 different levels of membership - click on each level to see what FEELS RIGHT for you at this time, knowing that whatever you choose is the perfect choice for you. 




You're building your confidence and saying "yes" to making radical life changes. 



You're ready to break the rules and change the game. You are committed to changing your life for the better.


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You want it all. The power, the body, the money, the lifestyle & you're willing to do everything it takes. 


Believe The Hype.

“I needed my ass kicked. I was so tired of making excuses for myself and the Fierce Figures programs along side Stefanie's private coaching helped me get my life back."