Here at Fierce Figures, we work with badass women to build bodacious bodies, big bank accounts and beautiful, bountiful lives through soulful action and radical self empowerment.

That sounds amazing... but what does it actually mean?

We work together to build you up in these three areas....


Body includes both the physical and the spiritual body.
 Fitness, nutrition and proper supplementation are the pillars of long term health and vitality. We also work on feeding our spirit with "good nutrition" through personal development & soulful action. We move in alignment. We don't coach or believe in "fad diets" and doing hours of cardio or anything that makes you feel like shit - in fact, we believe in honouring your body, eating all types of food, training for strength and creating a healthy relationship with activity and food.


Beauty comes in many forms and we believe it all stems from the inside and blossoms into our outer worlds. 
 Our beauty content and product features contain our favourite how-to's, tutorials, product ingredient guides, beauty enhancing foods and amazing insight in to how to create a life and look you love.
Creating a life of beauty is not just looking a certain way, but also creating beautiful spaces, memories and a mindset of abundance and gratitude. The most beautiful people really do give a f*ck about what goes on, in and around them.



Whether you are an employee, in business for yourself or thinking about starting your own side hustle - we provide you with the tools necessary to help brand yourself and your business as well as offer different paths, options and opportunity for financial growth and independence. 
One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and other people in your life is one of financial security and stability - and you know what? You can better serve your community, help others, look hella cute and make a bigger impact when you got money in the bank! #bigfacts