An Interview with Boss Babe Cheryl Sutherland, Founder of PleaseNotes


So excited to be chatting with Cheryl Sutherland of PleaseNotes today as our BADD Girl of the Week!  Cheryl's infectious smile and outlook on business and life will leave you feeling ALL THE FEELS. Let's jump right into it! - xo SD

      FF: What is PleaseNotes?
C: PleaseNotes is an affirmation-filled lifestyle brand. We empower people to live bolder, authentic lives by providing time-tested tools that we've curated for the millennial generation.

We cultivate three main tools to success; Confidence, Clarity and Creativity. Our mission is to inspire others to make a difference in their lives by being courageous and stepping into their own personal power. By practicing with our strategic tools, you'll have less stress, more fun, and will create a life you love.

FF: Tell us three hot facts about yourself:

C: My favorite past time is traveling. My favorite food is cupcakes ( it counts). My hair makes me around 6 feet.

FF: What was the inspiration behind PleaseNotes?

C: I started PleaseNotes after I hit a wall in my life.  I realized I couldn’t settle for working somewhere that didn’t feed me emotionally and more importantly, not feeling like I was on the right track. I knew I had something I was supposed to do, but looking back, I didn’t explore any ideas because I didn’t feel like I could succeed on my own. I knew that in order to re-discover myself, I needed to take time for me.  I quit my job, and spent time reading, journalling and working with affirmations.  When you work with affirmations, you get to ask the question “Who am I?” and decide what the answer will be.  During that time of discovery and soul-searching I realized the thing I loved was that “Aha” moment, when the world gets a little brighter and you feel your own capability, your worthiness and your power and I want to help people experience and live in that. I wished I could have affirmations everywhere as a consistent reminder, and that’s how PleaseNotes was born.

FF: What has been your biggest challenge so far with starting your own business?

C: My biggest challenge has been my own mindset.  As stated by Henry Ford,” Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right.” I used to be consistently amazed at the things that I was able to do once I stopped getting in my own way and I believed in myself.

FF: What has been your biggest surprise? 

C: My biggest surprise is actually the amount of interview requests I get, and podcasts I get invited on.  I actually don’t think anything I’ve done is something super huge, so when I got word that some really big outlets like Fast CompanyHuffington Post and InStyle wanted to feature me and/or goods, it’s super dope. 

FF: What do you have planned for PleaseNotes in the future? 

My immediate plan for the company is to build it out and be in 10-20 big retail stores in the US and Canada. That would allow me to build out more interactive programs, summits and resources. I really want PleaseNotes to be known as the resource for women who are going through a transition or unclear what their next steps are. I strive to create a really holistic experience where people are supported emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually. People who have experienced the PleaseNotes Journal understand and have experienced how all the little tools, exercises and hidden gems help you create a foundation for moving from where you are to where you want to be.

FF: What is one daily ritual that has heightened your success?

C: I listen to a BUNCH of Abraham-Hicks and I attempt to meditate at least 2x a day.  In the past, I focused a lot on the outcome, that I should be doing more and I wasn’t ever satisfied.  Even when I hit 150% of my Kickstarter goal, I thought “I should have done at least $25,000.” Now I’m able to appreciate myself on the things I do, and keep a better perspective of how I’m actually doing.  As a result, I’ve had great people, places and things that fall into my lap that make life so much easier.

FF: What's your top beauty tip/trick? 

C: Cocoa butter and coconut oil.  I put that s&$* on everything.

FF: What's the biggest and juiciest piece of advice you could give to the women who want to go into business for themselves? 

C: My biggest piece of advice is to care about how you feel.  If something doesn’t feel right, pause, figure out what it is and why it doesn’t feel right. On the flip side, if something makes you feel elated, follow it. We’ve spent so much time doing so many things we really don’t want to do, we’ve been trained to override our own internal guidance system. Most of society reinforces the thought process that if you don’t want to do something you’re being a whiner and you need to stuck it up, and if something comes easy to you or you enjoy it, it’s not that big a deal and not really worth much.  This is completely backwards!  Do the things that bring you happiness, that you do easily and that you like to do, success can be easy if we let it!

FF: Where can these beautiful people find you?

C: Find me on the inter webs at , on IG at and on FB at!


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