Living With Radical Responsibility


Radical responsibility - I wrote about this topic on my blog. This is going to be a special series where we talk about what it means to take responsibility for your life, not in small ways but in life, soul, heart transformative ways.

Each week we are going to talk about being radical and challenging ourselves to take responsibility for our life in these areas because one, say it with me, I am worth it, and two, the world needs to see this amazing person that you are. 

    •    my thoughts

    •    my words

    •    my behaviour

    •    my actions

    •    my efforts

    •    my ideas

    •    my beliefs

    •    my responses

    •    my emotions

Now on to the first topic, Investing in Yourself.

I have this theory that whatever you invest in yourself, will return to you thirty-fold. Whether it is education, a new exercise program, a program you are learning for your business, that new coach - however you see fit to build yourself - those investments are never a waste. They are a form of self-care too that has huge returns. 

But ladies! we need to change the self talk around investing in ourselves. It is so important. I know that for me a struggle surrounding this was that I was afraid to invest in myself because then I had to admit that I mattered. That I was wroth it, I am special and that money spent on me growing and changing was a wise choice. 

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you are probably asking how do I change this? Well, it is a matter of taking responsibility for you thoughts.  The self talk. We all have thousands of thoughts that go through our head every day. Do you just accept all those thoughts that run through your head as 100% truth or do you recognize that they are just thoughts? I mean, we are girls, so like in every given moment I can think I have gained weight, oh I look great, man my butt looks big. What is the truth?  It is what I choose to believe. So what do you choose to believe about your thoughts? 

Use your self talk to motivate you, to benefit you and to come true in your life. So focus on I am worth investing in that coaching program, or enrolling in that mediation/yoga class instead of I can’t do this or i won’t be good at it.

Trust me, you will reap so many benefits. 

In health and abundance,