Meet Stefanie dawn

A life long entrepreneur who has always lived life by her own rules, Stefanie has spent over 18 years in the holistic hair & beauty industry and has naturally progressed with her work incorporating life coaching, holistic nutrition, personal training, group fitness instructing, business mentorship and private coaching for other women looking to channel their inner bad ass and create the healthy, happy body and lifestyle of their dreams. 

"I spent most of my childhood and teenage years struggling with my weight and my health. I was bullied throughout my school years and finally had enough and decided i wanted to look on the outside, how i felt on the inside.
Before i made the choice to become educated on how to live a healthier lifestyle, i was at my heaviest weight and considered clinically obese. I was also suffering from a binge eating disorder and was an emotional and spiritual mess.
My journey wasn't the easiest - often filled with many ups and downs and learning curves, but in hindsight it's the path that allowed me best to step into my current role and a coach and mentor and help women in a heart centred way. I know what my clients struggle with because i have been there. 
I know what its like to struggle and obsess about your weight and body image. I know what it's like to feel trapped by your body. I know what its like to feel helpless and frustrated. I know what its like to spend money on programs and products that are crap. I know what its like to struggle financially. I know what its like to deal with debilitating heartbreak and trauma. I know what it's like to constantly be comparing myself to other women. I know what its like to be paralyzed by fears and self doubt. I know what its like to feel overwhelmed  and overloaded - but i also know what it's like to be completely free of those burdens, to develop fierce comeback skills and to live a life of abundance, peace, happiness, confidence, purpose, bad-assery and both physical and spiritual fulfillment. 
All my content, coaching and services are based on my personal experiences and what has helped me overcome and achieve. I have tried just about every diet program, health product, eating style and exercise regimen and know what works for the moment, and what sets us up for long term and lasting success. I work with my clients likes and dislikes and incorporate new elements of superfoods, botanicals, herbs, energy work, intuitive healing and other holistic remedies to assist in their journey and progress.
No client is the same, and no approach to healing is the same. 

I also am blessed with the gifts of clairsentience (ability to receive messages through feelings, emotions and physical sensations) and claircognicence (the ability to just KNOW things) which gives me extra insight into helping my clients and creating content that i know will benefit you and help change your life how it has mine. 
We are all in this journey together and when you grow, i grow as well. Working with clients and being able to share my story in this way has changed my life forever i am completely humbled and appreciative of this life. I look forward to growing with you, working with you and helping you uncover the most powerful, badass and accomplished woman you know you can be. "

It is Stefanie's mission to put the glitter in the granola, to rock both the pumps and patchouli - showing women all over the world that holistic health and women's empowerment is not just for the bohemians, hippies & flower children - its for the badasses, the style makers, the rebel hearts, the wild women, the influencers, the movers and the shakers - showing up and telling the world that self care is the new black and that it really is sexy to give a f*ck.

Stefanie currently spends her time creating education and content for Fierce Figures, takes 1 on 1 coaching clients, provides mentorships for women looking to start their own business online, run's both online/in studio workshops and has many online/ info products & coaching courses available.


Coaching Credentials:

  • BodyMind Holistic Nutrition Certification

  • BodyMind Holistic Sports Nutrition Certification

  • Raw & Superfood Nutrition Certification

  • Physical/Emotional Detox Coach Certification

  • Wild Rose College Cleansing & Detoxing Certified

  • Specialized in Plant Based/Vegan Nutrition

  • Specialized in HCLF Lifestyles

  • Can-Fit Pro Personal Training Certification

  • Barre/Booty Barre Instructor Certified

  • TRX Instructor Certified

  • Spin Instructor Certified

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