are you ready for a smaller waist and bigger bank account?

I have been self employed since i was 19 years old...

Becoming my own boss at such a young age made it impossible to work for anyone else. I had tried a few times to become an employee. The longest it ever lasted was 6 months and would usually result in me having a panic attack and breaking out in a rash.  I quickly realized that even though there was times when being a soloprenuer was tough, i would take all the hustle and all the struggles of being my own boss rather than working for one. 

My absolute favourite discovery in business was when i discovered the power of residual income. My ah-ha moment was when a residual direct deposit came through for more than the amount i was making at my full time grind being a hairstylist. It took me over 10 years to make a comfortable income in the hair industry and i had matched that online within 10 months working part time.

Everything that i do, as a business woman, i chose because i am passionate about it and i see the value in it. One of the biggest gifts is to show women how they can become empowered in their own lives through find passion and purpose through owning their own business and surrounding themselves with like minded people. It is refreshing and fire starting all at the same time. 

Fierce Figures is my way of giving back, offering my mentorship and coaching  (that others pay a lot of $ for) and helping others in achieving the body and the bank account that they deserve. My residual income has helped me fund my other entrepreneurial endeavours as well as travel all over North America and i want YOU to have the opportunity to join me!

It is my goal to help, coach, guide and mentor as many people as I can in this world and it is my soul purpose and mission to make sure you know that you never have to suffer, struggle or feel alone.

I believe the mind, body, and spirit are all connected and must be addressed for sustainable and meaningful change. All of my programs are designed for those individuals who truly want to transcend their limiting beliefs, fall madly in love with themselves and co-create an internal and external environment of abundance. If you desire to create real, lasting change in your life & business and you’re ready to step fully into your authentic truth & power,then join me on the journey and build a life your obsessed with.

I am currently accepting applications to become apart of this incredible team so we can guide and mentor you into business ownership and financial and time freedoms in 2019.  

-Stefanie Dawn


  • If you’re willing and motivated

  • If you’re teachable

  • If you’re still in your 9-5, ready to quit or are looking for side income

  • You feel like there is something "bigger" out there for you

  • If you’re lacking abundant support

  • If your team is missing systems and culture

  • Whether you’re a beginner or this is your second or third go at entrepreneurship…

  • If you don’t want to be in a different LIVING ROOM every night doing home parties…

  • If you want a long-term mentoring relationship that encourages growth and guidance to give your clairity and help you fall madly in love with yourself and your purpose here on earth?

    Fill out this quick form and i will be in touch within 24hrs to discuss all the details and to book your 30 minute discovery call to talk about how we could work together and further discuss your goals and dreams and together, create and action plan to make it happen!

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