so you want to live fierce, fearless & free?

"...Fierce Figures was birthed from what Stefanie saw as a gap in the coaching, spiritual and self care market and wanted to develop carefully curated programs, products and tools that would allow women to look and feel sexy in their best body, encourage spiritual growth AND help to them make money!

There is NO shame in rocking both designer pumps and organic patchouli ladies... You can be sexy and spiritual - conscious and wealthy - healthy and a hardcore hustler..."

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 B.A,D.D, GIRL - Babe Achieving Dreams & Destiny 

B.A,D.D, GIRL - Babe Achieving Dreams & Destiny 

About Head Coach and Fierce CEO Stefanie Dawn:
CEO of Fierce Figures, Lifestyle Coach, Lifetime Entrepreneur & BADD Girl for life. 
Stefanie has spent the last 18 years in the holistic beauty industry and 7 years in the health, fitness & coaching industry specializing in inspiring badass women to challenge their current BS (Belief Systems) & get serious about reclaiming their personal power and reminding us all that it really is sexy to give a f*ck about living your best life!